Mmmmm, how delicious is the Bistecca alla Fiorentina of Sostanza... It's the second of my list, after the one of Buca Lapi . It's a super simple place, you actually share the big marble table with the other customers, but it's fun and most important good.

On the walls plenty of old postcards, vintage and new photos of celebrities that had dinner here. It's a very warm place, it feels like you go to somebody's house.

The menu it's very short, and it's based on the Tuscan tradition - what you eat here it's similar to what you'd have every day in a tuscan family house: vegetable soup, pasta with meat sauce, butter or tomato sauce, an unforgettable artichokes pie, fried or butter chicken (excellent!), veal, bollito (mixed boiled meat served with parsley sauce) and obviously T-Bone Steak.

This steak has to be eaten almost raw, actually bloody, but you can ask for a medium cooking, as I did. It will be still kind of pinkish, but definitely super good, tasty and soft, feels like butter in your mouth. Yummi!

They don't have a lot of desserts, they don't serve coffee or liquors after that, only Vin Santo and Cantuccini, which is our specialty: almond biscuits that you soak in a sweet wine.

Service is pretty fast but friendly and helpful. It remains a very casual Trattoria, which is good sometimes, you'll have a more real flavour of Florence cuisine.

Prices are similar to a regular Trattoria in Florence, it means so not super cheap, we are talking about 35-40 Euro per person, if you don't get Bistecca.

Very important: they do not accept credit cards! Only cash. And during the dinner they have two turns: 7,30 and 09,00 pm. Reservation is definitely recommended.

They close Saturdays and Sundays. During high season they do stay open on Saturdays night.

Trattoria Sostanza
Via del Porcellana, 25
+ 39 055 212691
Open Lunch and Dinner
No credit cards

Vintage postcards

Tuscan Crostini - with liver patè - typical and yummi

Artichokes Pie

Bistecca for 1 person!

Bistecca for 2!


Anonymous said...

I just visited Florence about two weeks ago. I am a native New Yorker, and took my family to Italy. We loved Sostanza. There is so much to see in Florence. We only had five days there, and I wish we had stayed longer. Nice blog you have.

Elisa said...

Thank you dear Anonymous!
Sostanza is great, sended a couple of clients even yesterday night.

Glad you enjoyed Florence!Next time you tell me before you come here ok!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful post -- I found it while searching for "Sostanza Firenze" in Google.

I'll be in Firenze in early July. How long in advance should I make my reservation at Sostanza?

Is English spoken there? (if not, I will try my best to speak Italian :)

Elisa said...

Dear Anonymous 2,

Sostanza is a pretty busy place, however I think booking a week in advance would be enough. They speak a bit english, and anyway the menu is pretty short, so you will be fine :)

let me know how will be sostanza! and if you need anything write me an email.

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.


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