Christmas and New Year's Eve in Florence

Florence is amazing during winter Holidays! Streets and shops are "dressed" with colours, lights, hearts, Christmas's trees and all that lovvy doggy things :)
This year actually also the main artistic and historic sights are totally new enlightened thanks to F-Light Festival, a modern system of lights - images-colours projection on the buildings. Old Bridge, Santo Spirito Façade, ex-Court in SS Firenze are simply amazing!

In Santa Croce square the traditional Christmas Market, typical of Northern Italy and Austrian areas - excellent vin brulé, beer and nice gifts.

In Piazza del Carmine Santa Claus Village with a ice-skating facility, different games for kids and the real mail-box to send Christmas letters to Santa Claus!

Cathedrale Square  - Thanks to Firenze Repubblica.it


I haven't received any official communication yet, but I guess during festivities museums will be regularly open - except on December 24th and 31st when Uffizi, Accademia and Pitti Palace will close an hour earlier, so at 05,50 pm instead of 06,50 pm.

On December 25th and January 1st no museum will be open - except some extraordinary openings that eventually will be decided last minute, that I will update on this post straight away.

Temporary exhibition "Divine Beauty" at Palazzo Strozzi will be open daily 10,00 am to 08,00 pm - also on December 24th - 25th and January 1st

My boyfriend - David

Restaurants open on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve

Ok, it will be a bit hard to find a lot of places open on Christmas day, cause in Italy it is really strong to keep up with traditions, and so we definitely prefer to stay home with our families and cook ourselves, stay basically 4/5 hours at the table, eat like there is no tomorrow, and play with kids and games like Tombola.
Since I cannot invite you all at my house, here some names for your December 25th meal in Florence:

Angiolino - via Santo Spirito, 36 R - 055 2398976
13 Gobbi - Via del Porcellana, 9 R - 055 284015
Caffè Pitti - Piazza Santo Spirito, 9 - 055 2399863
Fuor d'Acqua - Via Pisana, 37 R - 055 222299
Porcellino - Via Val di Lamona, 7 R - 055 264148

If you want be relaxed in the beautiful and iconic Tuscan Countryside, only 20 minutes away from Florence City Center, you can find the magique Fattoria di Maiano, that offers a nice lunch for 49,00 Euro, and then you can enjoy the incredibly romantic Botanic Garden around the villa.
Fattoria di Maiano - via Cave di Maiano, 2 - 055 599600

In New Year's Eve the situation is totally different! Except for those lucky places easily and with no regrets closed on this special night, such as Sostanza, Cammillo, Ora d'Aria, Vini e Vecchi sapori etc. the rest is divided into 2 main categories:

Restaurants with a fixe special Menu to celebrate the 2016:

13 Gobbi ( 90 €) Via del Porcellana, 9 R - 055 284015
Oliviero (130 €) Via delle Terme, 51 R - 055 212421
Fuor d'Acqua (160 €) Via Pisana, 37 R - 055 222299 
Parione (95 €)  Via del Parione, 74/76 R - 055 214005
Caffè Pitti ( 85 €)  Piazza Santo Spirito, 9 - 055 2399863
Cibreo (160 €)  Via del Verrocchio, 8R - 055 2341100
Gargani (120 €) Via del Moro, 48 - 055 2398898
Lungarno Bistrot ( 110 €) Piazza degli Scarlatti - 055 2654541

Restaurants with à la carte menu, of course filled with some typical special dish of New Year's Eve, but still you can choose yourself what to eat - these places are normally organized into 2 seatings 7,30 and 9,30 pm:

Touch - Via Fiesolana, 18 R - 055 2466150
Angiolino via Santo Spirito, 36 R - 055 2398976
Boccanegra - Via Ghibellina, 124 R -  055 2001098
Buca Mario - Piazza Ottaviani, 16 R - 055 214179
Cestello - Piazza del Cestello -  055 2645364
Cinghiale Bianco - Borgo San Jacopo, 43 R - 055 215706
Porcellino - Via Val di Lamona, 7 R - 055 264148
La Giostra - Borgo Pinti 10/12 R - 055 241341

Where you want to be at Midnight

If you have decided to eat earlier to enjoy the crazy and funny atmosphere of outdoor, here some free concerts in Florence:

Cascine Park - Mario Biondi
Piazza SS Annunziata - Gospel Concert
Piazza Signoria - Classical musique Concert
Piazza Carmine - Jazz Concert

Of course, the best way to celebrate these holidays is to have a fantastic guided tour with the most passionate and funny guide in Florence... me :)
so write me at elisaacciai@libero.it for info and reservations!

ciao ciao and Happy New Year!

13 Gobbi


Cinghiale Bianco

Lisez cet article en français aussi!

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