Pandemonio - che buono!

I just love this place. If you want a real tuscan flavour night, this is your place.

The restaurant is located in the beautiful district of Oltrarno, which retained the traditional atmosphere of artisans workers district.
You step in a first room, which is often empty, cause the "heart" is the second room and the inner garden, passing right next to the kitchen.

You will be welcomed by Mamma, which is the great owner of the restaurant, and a real Mum; she will take care of you from the beginning to the end of your meal, preparing and presenting delicious dishes all home made.
The cuisine is the typical toscan one: crostini, cold cuts, home made pasta, great meat, and also some fish.
We ordered the Mamma Antipasto, a huge and various appetizers to taste a bit of all the starters: ham, crostini with tuscan chicken liver paté , Panzanella with cous cous, spelt with sausages, zucchini pie, peppers in oil, the best Bruschetta ever had, sweet and sour onions.... we could have dine even just with the appetizers!
As first course we got: Pappa al pomodoro (typical tomato and bread soup), pasta with Mamma ragout, Fagottini with zucchini, zucchini flowers and Pecorino cheese
As second course we got Ossobuco with peas. We saw a raw Bistecca pass by, and we were about to order it, but we were already way to full to handle it!
As dessert we got a fantastic cheese cake and a Tiramisù
She not pressing you to leave the table, as a bunch of places in town do, and you can also smoke a little sigarette in the little garden, if you feel like.
Prices are in the Florence range, let's say around 50 Euro per person, then depends a lot from the wine you chose, obviously.
Via del Leone 50 red
0039 055 224002
Closed on Sundays
Delicious Bruschetta
This is what I got from the huge Mamma's Antipasto!
mmmm... it looked good!
Fagottini with zucchini and Pecorino cheese
Pappa al Pomodoro
Ossobuco with peas
Io & Mamma

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