Caffè Cibreo

Today I want to introduce you to one of the most famous places in town: Cibreo. I wish to talk right now about the Caffè, which is one of the section, because the Cibreo is like a little community in such a nice area as Sant'Ambrogio, and it consists of the Restaurant, the Trattoria, the Caffè and Teatro del Sale, a bit different, you have to be membership and be there at 07,30 pm cause there is a show during the dinner. The Trattoria and the Caffè are a bit more easy going and less expensive, but no possible to reserve.

The Caffè is very cosy, romantic, small, cute. We got the same menu of the restaurant, which is explained by voice by the very nice and kind waiter, Joseph. Weird menu, at the very first point I didn't have a clue about what to chose... Let's get the party started.

Mixed antipasti: crostino with typical Tuscan liver patè, ricotta cheese mousse, tripe salad (...couldn't eat tripe...sorry), tomato jelly.

First course: ricotta cheese flan with meat sauce, delicious! My friends got a Ribollita, typical tuscan soup, very solid made with bread and lots of vegetables. It was pretty liquid, but tasty.

Second course: ah, wrong choice... I got chicken neck stuffed, served with home made mayonnaise... wrong cause it was served cold... and it arrived with the full chicken head lying on the dish...disgusting, I barely handled to eat it. But my friends loved it. My partner got something that he actually enjoyed a lot, but I could even look at it: lamb brain...

Dessert: fortunately here they gained 100 points, they served us the 4 required portions plus another one,and they were ALL incredibly good. Especially my cheesecake with orange jam, and the chocolate cake, yummi!

The total bill was 186,00 Euro, considering the two bottles of red wine, caffès and sweet dessert wines was pretty acceptable. The service was very good, even if they were pretty busy.

Go there if you are pretty easy with food and you like basically everything, cause it's not the normal tuscan Trattoria, you wont find pasta, neither bistecca or regular florentine stuff.

Caffè Cibreo

Via del Verrocchio 5/r

055 234 58 53

To book the restaurant call 055 234 11 00

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Festina said...

And what about Teatro del Sale!
Picchi is a show man chef there!


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